• The end - and now, the rest of my life

    "In Beth's Words" has been updated with a new piece from Beth.

  • It's All Over!

    After careful consideration the @HFEA will NOT be appealing the ruling. They have issued a press statement: http://www.hfea.gov.uk/8802.html

    "My two year legal battle is over! I have the maximum time to keep warren's sperm in storage which means there are no restrictions as to when I may start the family we planned. I can move on with my future. I am happy beyond words!!!! Thank you to everyone for your support. I am not going to stop smiling for a long time!! I will always love you warren brewer - we did it!! x"

  • New Template Letters

    In the 'Back Beth' tab, there is an updated letter if you want to write to your MP.  In addition, there is a letter that can be sent to the HFEA.  The latter is more important in light of the potential appeal, and is time limited as they don't have long left to lodge their intention.

  • Thank You Everyone


  • Updates


    I'm in the process of drawing together all of the media from the last two days - it's quite a job.  Having read many tweets over the last 48 hours, I want to highlight part of the judgment that is often being overlooked, and is important to the uniqueness of Beth's circumstances:

    "Mr Brewer did not provide written consent as required by the Regulations, nor did he provide the requisite medical certificate. This was because the clinic upon which the obligation fell failed to give him relevant information as to the requirements of the Regulations and failed to obtain the requisite long-term consent from him or the appropriate medical opinion. Hogg J was satisfied had he known what was required he would have done that which was necessary."

    "Mrs Justice Hogg was satisfied that after 2008 Mr Brewer never changed his mind and wanted Mrs Warren to have the opportunity to have his child, or children, after his death."

  • Breaking News

    Just heard HFEA has been granted permission to appeal decision.  They have not yet stated whether or not they will; they have 10 days.

    Just spoke to Beth - "I thought my two year legal battle was over, I couldn't have been happier.Finding the HFEA have applied for the time to decide whether they will appeal against the decision has left me feeling numb.  I hope, really hope, they don't pursue their fight against me"

  • She won!!

    From the summary judgment:

    "Mrs Warren seeks a Declaration that it is lawful for the sperm of her husband WarrenBrewer who died on 9 February 2012 tobe stored beyond 18 April 2015 and for a period of up to 55 years until 18 April 2060 so that it can be used by her for the purposes of conceiving a child or children. I have granted that Declaration."

    Link to the judgment in full:  http://t.co/vXL1A7mtpb

  • Judgment Day

    As with the last court hearing, updates today will be largely confined to Twitter.  There is a flurry of media activity at the moment, and this will persist for the next few days - I'll try and give advance notice of TV appearances but these are prone to slipped timings.  Mainstream news coverage is expected tonight.


  • Judgment Date

    Further to our tweet earlier on this evening, Mrs Justice Hogg will hand down the judgement in High Court on Thursday 6th March at 2pm.  This will take place in court 48.

  • Update On The Hearing

    We've just learned that the outcome of Beth's hearing will not be available until the beginning of March.

  • TV Appearance

    Beth will be on BBC Look East (Sky 961, Freesat 953) today from 18:30.

  • New Article

    There's a new tab at the top - 'In Beth's Words', with her restatement of the situation that led her to this point, and her views post court hearing.

  • Message From Beth

    01/02/14 - 16:24 - Beth would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who is supporting her.  She says that she and her legal team all did their best yesterday. After nearly two years of fighting this legal battle, she feels emotionally and physically drained and apologises in the delay in personally responding to everyone who has contacted her.

  • Hearing Has Finished

    Beth and the HFEA have presented their respective cases in court, and the hearing is over.  The judgment is not expected for several days.  Beth will be doing further media appearances this evening, keep an eye out for her!  I will link to them as they go live.

  • Day In Court

    Today's the day!

    For those of you who missed Beth on ITV This Morning, you can see a small clip of her appearance here: http://www.itv.com/news/story/2014-01-31/widow-fights-destruction-of-her-late-husbands-sperm/

    She will be also be on Sky News at 09:30.  Yahoo! News have just put the story up, and several regional media outlets are running it as well.  Most of the minor updates today will be done via Twitter, so keep an eye on the feed!  #BackBethWarren

  • TV Appearances

    31/01 - Beth will be on ITV Daybreak from 07:10, and Sky News from 09:30

  • Court Listing

    Family Division of the High Court

    Court 48
    Friday, 31 January, 2014
    At 10:30 AM
    Applications/Summonses in Court as in Chambers
    FD13P02273 [Warren]

  • Birmingham Mail

    Beth's story has been featured in the Birmingham Mail today, in what will almost certainly be her last interview before the court date next Friday.  http://www.birminghammail.co.uk/lifestyle/health/birmingham-widow-battles-stop-husbands-6558982

  • Legal Team Update

    Junior barrister Catherine Dobson has joined the legal team. She joins James Lawford Davies (solicitor), Jenni Richards QC (senior barrister) and Rose Grogan (junior barrister) http://www.39essex.com/members/profile.php?cat=2&id=101

  • Two Weeks To Go!

    The court date is nearly here, and I'm delighted to report that we've started receiving responses from MPs as a result of reader's letters.  Followers on Twitter are steadily increasing, and we'd love it if people would continue to spread the word!  We'd also like to thank the Royal Latin School's (where Beth and both her siblings attended) alumni site for covering Beth's story: http://www.rlsalumni.org.uk/wp/?p=20097  We've served up over 7,000 pages since the site launched earlier this month, which is fantastic.

  • MK Citizen

    The Milton Keynes Citizen has just published Beth's story.  We're grateful for highlighting this site:  http://bit.ly/1akvfMo

  • Publicity

    Thank you to everyone who has sent in copies of communications with their MP, it really helps to know that people feel strongly about this issue.  Since the release of the court date yesterday, we've seen discussion increase across Facebook and Twitter, so please keep this going!  Forward the link to people you know, write to your MP, or tweet about the case, it's all good publicity.

  • Court Date Set!

    The High Court Hearing date is Friday 31st January.  There are 3 weeks to bolster public opinion on this issue, please share Beth's story.  We have added a template letter to the "Back Beth" page so that you can contact your MP, and we have been filling the media section as Beth is being discussed internationally.


  • Discussed on Malaysian radio!

    BFM89.9 has discussed Beth's case with Fertility Specialist Dr. Prashant Nadkarni.  You can listen to this here.

  • Site Launch!

    Welcome to the site!  Designed to offer a consolidation of all the information related to Beth's case, and her ongoing fight.