This is a list of the most frequently asked questions relating to the case.  If you have any others, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


1)  Why can't you pay for further storage?

Storage costs amount to around £150 a year, but money is not an issue - Beth is simply not allowed to pay.

2)  Did Warren provide consent for his sperm to be used posthumously?

Yes, Warren signed multiple forms over several years. Warren's consent for posthumous conception was unrestricted and indefinite and as such there is no question that the sperm is allowed to be used by Beth. However, all forms for storage were time-limited with no option given for longer storage.

3)  When is the deadline?

The HFEA have said the sperm must be used by April 2015, however this means that Beth needs to start treatment in January 2014.

4)  Who is representing Beth?

James Lawford Davies at LD|D, and Thirty Nine Essex Street

5)  Who is paying the legal fees?

Beth is not receiving legal aid to pursue her application and her legal team are acting pro bono.

6)  Is posthumous conception the right thing to do?

This is personal opinion. Warren chose to give Beth this option. Beth does not feel ready to start a family at the moment and needs more time to fully consider the implications. She is adamant that she would need to be prepared emotionally, financially, practically and professionally.

7)  How do Warren's family feel?

They believe she should be able to keep the choice that Warren left her and fully support her in whatever decision she makes in the future. She remains part of Warren's family.